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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

We provide a full service, progressive veterinary hospital that fosters lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between the doctors, staff, our neighbors, and their animal friends.

Vision Statement:

Glacierview Animal Hospital will strive to be an organization that will identify and provide clear communication about pet health problems and risks.  This will include complete instruction in disease and injury prevention for every client.   We will strive to provide an accurate diagnosis using up-to-date diagnostic equipment, and an exceptional veterinary team.  We will seek opinions from specialists, and refer every patient for specialized care when necessary.  All radiographs (x-rays) will be reviewed by the doctor as well as a board certified radiologist.  A laser will be used during surgical procedures to minimize bleeding and pain, when beneficial.  Careful sedation or anesthesia will be used when appropriate to avoid needless trauma.  We will strive to make every visit a positive experience for patients and their families.

Glacierview Animal Hospital will be an organization that recognizes and appreciates the contributions of every employee.  We highly prize the honesty, willingness, and wisdom to provide constructive criticism within our organization to help us maintain the highest standard of care.  We maintain the best possible workplace by having exceptional employees.  All team members will be star players in their positions, and accordingly, will share in our success.

We will practice at such an advanced level and educate those partnering with us in the care of their pet to such a degree that no pet under our care will live with untreated discomfort, die or be euthanized due to a treatable disease.  We will continue to do everything possible to foster positive relationships, especially with those that share these goals, so the practice will be able to successfully maintain the facility and staff necessary to provide that level of care, both now, and in the future.  Your referral of other like-minded pet owners becomes the greatest measure of our success in providing this valuable service.

New patients receive 15% OFF first visit.

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  • ""Dr. Rule and the staff are VERY compassionate and loving care givers!! They all go out of their way to make sure the best happens to our furry family members!! I will definitely go back and recommend them 100%!!""
    Colleen M.

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